Drip has been Minecraft's leading Ghost Client provider since 2017.


What is Drip?

Drip has been the leading Ghost Client provider for Minecraft since 2017.
We currently maintain 3 unique products suitable for your cheating needs, whatever they may be.


Drip is our most basic client. Best for mini-games servers such as Hypixel, Mineplex, Cubecraft, etc. which do not screenshare or have advanced anti-cheats protecting them.

Drip features the most essential modules only at the moment, we are working on an update to include more blatant features without compromising the detectability of the client.

Drip Lite

Drip Lite is currently the most advanced and undetected client on the market. It bypasses screenshares and advanced anti-cheats with minimal effort from the user.

Drip Lite features a Web UI to control your settings and destruct the client from any browser-compatible device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.), as well as the most advanced anti-cheat bypasses you will find in a ghost client.

Drip X

Drip X is our external client. Similar to Drip Lite, Drip X also bypasses screenshares and anti-cheats with minimal effort and is secured by the most advanced bypasses in the market.

Drip X features basic external modules such as auto-clicker, reach, w-tap, and chat spammer. More advanced features are planned and will be implemented soon by our development team.

Why should I choose Drip?

Just a few reasons why you should choose Drip over our competitors...


Drip has been leading the market since 2017 and is our developers' full time job. Feel safe knowing we aren't going anywhere.


Drip products use the latest and most secure methods in their modules. Being detected isn't on our list of worries.

Screenshare Proof

Drip Lite and Drip X are guaranteed screenshare proof. Drip is currently undetected on many major servers, but is not guaranteed.


Feel safe knowing your data is secure and won't be leaked due to preventable WordPress exploits.
Drip is made by the best.


Our tickets are constantly monitored by our support team to ensure you are satisfied.

Unique Builds

Drip Lite creates a unique build every time it's downloaded by the user, featuring polymorphic code (among other security features). Drip and Drip X generate hourly builds.


Each Drip product has it's own best use-case and set of unique and advanced features. Check out our media section for videos on the clients

Advanced Modules

All Drip products have their own set of advanced modules. Each client is useful in it's own way, depending on what you are using it for. Note: this list is not absolute and more modules will be added to all products soon.

Drip X Drip Lite Drip
Aim Assist
Player & Block ESP
Chat Spammer
Bridge Assist

Supported Versions

Drip products support a wide range of Minecraft versions.
Each client has it's own set of targeted versions, however other versions may also work. If you want to know if your version is supported, create a ticket.

Drip Drip X Drip Lite
Badlion Client
Lunar Client
Lounge Client

More versions will be supported in the future for all products except Drip.
Drip will remain Forge only - 1.9+ support will be added soon.
Currently, Drip X's Reach module only supports 1.7.10 versions of Minecraft, however 1.8.9+ support is in the beta version and will be publicly released soon.

*Drip X will work on CheatBreaker, Lunar Client and Lounge Client, however Reach will not work (yet) - the rest of the modules will.



What operating systems does Drip support?

Drip is built and tested for Windows 10 64 bit build 1909. Drip may work with other Windows versions, however Unix-based and 32 bit operating systems are not currently supported.

What payment methods can I use?

Currently, Drip only accepts automated payments through PayPal. If you wish to purchase Drip using BTC, create a ticket.

Who is eligible to use Drip Lite?

Drip Lite is a private, invitation-only product. In order to be eligible to use Drip, you need to be invited by an existing user.

How do I get an invite do Drip Lite?

Users who have purchased Drip Lite before 1/10/2019 will receive permanent access to purchasing Drip Lite subscriptions. If you did not purchase before this date, you can be gifted one by an existing Drip Lite user when we do an invite wave.

When do invite waves occur and how do they work?

Time at which invite waves occur will be posted in the news section of the Drip Panel. During invite waves, users who have been subscribed for at least 3 months will be eligible to receive an invitation code. Otherwise, you must meet the regular criteria in order to be eligible to purchase Drip Lite.

Note: Once you are invited your account will have permanent access to purchasing Drip Lite.

Can I purchase an invite code?

Selling and buying invite codes is strictly forbidden, any account found to have sold invite codes will be permanently banned with no chance of appeal, as well as any users they have invited.

Can I get access beta versions of Drip products?

Access to our beta products is strictly private. Only trusted and loyal users will receive access to beta products. Currently, you cannot receive beta by asking, you must be chosen by our staff.

So I've purchased Drip, now what?

Payments are normally processed instantly by our system and should redirect you to the panel once complete, however they can take up to 24 hours to be processed in some cases. If your payment still hasn't processed after 48 hours, create a ticket here with your transaction ID.